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Rinn X-Ray Film Duplicator


Ref. #: X-R20610911

Compact and economical duplicator capable of handling film up to panoramic sizes ...More Info

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Siemens Orthophos D3200
Up/Down Movement Motor


Ref. #: X-R20811293

SWF 403.033 gear motor 24V DC
...More Info

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Siemens OP10 Orthoceph Arm


Ref. #: X-R20010790

Replacement Arm for a Siemens Orthopantomograph OP10 ...More Info

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Siemens OP10 Orthopantomograph Timer


Ref. #: ACC20811368

Siemens OP10 panoramic X-Ray control ...More Info

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Siemens / Sirona X-Ray One Stud Mount Plate


Ref. #: X-R20811760

One stud mount plate for Siemens/Sirona MD or SD intraoral X-Ray system ...More Info

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Sirona X-Ray Controller


Ref. #: X-R20812864

Removable X-Ray Control Panel ...More Info

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