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DentalEZ V-Chair Operatory Package


Ref. #: OPE1791646

Comes w/ an Adec 3 Handpiece Excellence Unit & a Telescoping Assistant Section. Adding a light would be an additional fee, depending on which light is chosen. ...More Info

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DentalEZ Chair Operatory Package


Ref. #: OPE1791653

Blue Chairs 3 Available Include Adec4200 and P/C LF2 Light Cost is Each. ...More Info

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Dentec / Tecnodent Eco 21 Operatory Package


Ref. #: OPE17910619

Chair-Unit-Light package ...More Info

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Dentech / Tecnodent Sting Operatory Package


Ref. #: OPE17910649

Sting Chair + Adec 4200 unit + LF2 light ...More Info

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Forest Operatory Package


Ref. #: OPE1791665

Automatic Positioning/Return Foot control, Articulating Headrest, Forest 3 handpiece unit, Telescoping Assistant Section, Forest Light, and Clean water system. ...More Info

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