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Adec Operatory Package w/ unit and light


Ref. #: OPE1792630

Digital Panoramic X-Ray System


Ref. #: X-R20111147

Modular Overhead Cabinets


Ref. #: CAB10010970

Engle Patient Chair Model 96-305


Ref. #: CHA12213353

KERR Automix


Ref. #: AMA9412392

SALE!!! Royal Model 16


Ref. #: ROY11510148

N/A Microscope


Ref. #: MIS1601219

Danville Tinning Unit


Ref. #: MIS1601235

Royal Model 17 Patient Chair


Ref. #: CHA11613351

Royal Model 16


Ref. #: CHA11613058

Dentech / Tecnodent Eco 21 Operatory Package


Ref. #: DEN22310632

Kodak 8000
Digital Panoramic X-Ray System


Ref. #: X-R20111874

Adec Cascade 1040 Chair w/ Adec Unit & Light


Ref. #: ADE1042583

Dentech / Tecnodent Eco 21 Operatory Package


Ref. #: DEN22310633

Dental Vacuum System


Ref. #: VAC21011123

Dentech Eco 21 + Faro Light + Midmark Unit


Ref. #: OPE17910933

Planmeca PM2002 CC Proline
Digital Pan X-Ray


Ref. #: X-R19910656

McGraw Edison 6


Ref. #: LAB16011117

Lab-Line Instruments, Inc.
Lab Water Bath


Ref. #: LAB16011182

SciCan STATIM 5000
Cassette Autoclave


Ref. #: STE1822684

Clay Adams Centrifuge


Ref. #: MIS1602830

DentalEZ V Patient Chair


Ref. #: CHA10813352

Planmeca Intra Oral Digital X-ray


Ref. #: INT1992638

DentalEZ J Chair


Ref. #: CHA10813354

Midmark/Matrx Surgical Vacuum, Dual 3/4 hp


Ref. #: DRY21010032

Pelton & Crane LF1 Post-Mount


Ref. #: POS1611319

Adec Chair, unit, light , cabinets


Ref. #: OPE1792868

Adec 8000 Performer II Package Dark Green


Ref. #: OPE17911088

GC America
Waxrite Waxing Unit


Ref. #: LAB16011219

Whip Mix Power Mixer


Ref. #: LAB16012051

Clay Adams Centrifuge


Ref. #: MIS1602829

Omnivac V


Ref. #: LAB16012348

Kreativ, Inc. Klean-Air II


Ref. #: LAB16012603

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Adec Cascade Operatory Package


Ref. #: OPE17912052

Package includes:
Adec Cascade 1040 Dental Patient Chair w/ green upholstery
Adec Cascade 2142 Over-the-Patient Unit
Adec Telescopic Assistant Package
Adec 6300 Light

Chair can be re-upholstered to the color of your choice
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